Wednesday 29 February 2012


Today was a really nice sunny day until i got home then it went all gloomy :( I seriously cannot wait until summer now!
I'm not sure if you would call these colours neutrals? But it's close enough and gave me the opportunity to wear my new shoes which i bought the other day! :) They were a bit of an impulse buy as i only went in to buy some socks haha but they as they were cheap (£16) i thought i might as well get them :)
I also got the butterfly top the other day too, found it in Primark for £12 whereas similar tops i've got from Topshop were £50-ish! I was so exited i got a pink flowery one too :D

Lace detail cardi - Primark
Butterfly sequin mesh top - Primark
Dark pink vest - Primark
Sunglasses - Primark
Black shiny jeans - H&M
Gold chain - Topshop
Snake Bracelet - Topshop
Bag - Marc b by Marc Jacobs
Faux suede pink heels - Primark

Sammi, x

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