Saturday 25 February 2012


DIY Haus of Price Candy shoes :)

Sammi Jackson - DIY candy shoes

Sammi Jackson - DIY candy shoes
Original Haus of Price Candy shoes

I saw these shoes and though id have a go at making them myslef, and the fact i was on a break from Uni and had far too much time on my hands :)

I got my wedges off Ebay for £10 and thought they would be perfect to use!
I used some silver spray paint to hide the snakeskin pattern on the bottom as i though it would be noticable and show though the jems after i'd stuck them on. I used a 2lb bag of jems and set about sticking them on :) I also used some small mirror mosaic tiles as i didn't have any studs but i prefer them now. It only took me about 3 hours to so both shoes and was quite therapeutic haha :)

Sammi Jackson - DIY candy shoes

I wore these shoes out last night when i went down my local pub and everyone loved them! I was wearing all black so needed something to jazz up my outfit :) I really need to introduce some more colour into my outfits so it's a good start :D

I was also wearing my crazy hairy bag, i love it at the moment! It looks small but has like a million pockets inside and fits so much into it so it's perfect for me as i'm like Mary Poppin's and like to be equiped with an umbrella and a spare pair of flat shoes etc just in case :) 

Sammi Jackson - DIY candy shoes

Sammi Jackson - DIY candy shoes

Outfit -
Black blazer: H&M
Mesh cut out body: Ebay
Wet look leggings: Primark
Hairy bag: Fiorelli

Shoes -
Wedges: Ebay
2lb bag of jems:
Mirror mosaic tiles: Ebay
Craft glue: Wilkinson
Silver spray paint: Wilkinson

Sammi, x


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