Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Another Gaga look!
Thought i'd go for an old one where she was less crazy because i didn't have much time to make it. Most of the things i already had, just had to buy some jems and mirror tiles :)
I know she doesn't wear the Micky glasses in the Just Dance video, but i havn't worn them in a while and i like them :D

I'd searched the internet for a disco ball bra and found one! So it was easier to make my own :) I used 300 10 x 10mm mosaic mirror tiles and some silicone glue to stick them on. It took me a few hours to stick them on then left it overnight to dry and that's it really :) The only problem is that the tiles are quite sharp and i ended up with scratces all over the top of my arms where it had rubbed :(
I tried to make matching pants (like the ones she wears in her Love Game video), but as soon as i put them on, all the mirrors fell off haha

To finish the look i also made some Gaga shoes like she wears in the Just Dance video :) I tried to take a print screen but she walks to fast and couldn't get one! :( I used a really old pair of shoes that i never wear anymore and went about sticking little jems to them :)  I used about 500! I wanted clear ones but couldn't find any, so used ones that sparkle different colouurs, which i think look a bit cheap but when you're out it's not that noticable and it would take far too long to redo them!

Micky Sunglasses: Jeremy Scott
White top: Really old, unknown
Shorts: Warehouse + DIY
Braces: Ebay

Gaga bra -
Bra: Primark
Mosaic tiles: 300, 10 x 10 mm - Ebay

Shoes -
Shoes: Peacocks
Jems: 500, 2mm - Ebay

Sammi, x


  1. I`m in love with ur blog. U are so amazing and creative!!

    1. Thank you so much :) It's only new but i've got loads more Gaga outfits to post :) xxx

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