Thursday, 23 February 2012


 I saw this picture slapped around town and had to copy the feather idea! So i did :)

Sammi Jackson - Angels and demons

I went about buing some black feathers, attatched them to strips of card then used safety pins to attatch them to a black blazer. I didn't want them there perminantly but the safety pins worked well anyway. I really could have done with more feathers but i didn't have time to get any more before i wanted to wear it :)

Sammi Jackson - DIY feather jacket

Sammi Jackson - DIY feather jacket

Sammi Jackson - DIY feather jacket

Now for the demon part...
I am so in love with these shoes!
I was looking for some Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk's but then came across these and lets face it, they blow anything else out of the water! Well i think so anyway!
I was a bit sceptical about ordering them becuase of the ridiculous amount of tax knew i would get charged and couldn't find any for sale in the UK -.- but it was cleary worth it! I love how they feel to walk in, like your walking on air :)
The only problem is that when i get drunk, i tend to lean back onto my heels... i forgot i was wearing them and nealy fell over haha fail...
Oh and the small spikes at the top are really sharp and should not grab them so hard when i go to take them off :( PAIN

Sammi Jackson - Jeffrey Campbell Shaddow stud boots

Blazer: H&M +DIY
Top: Vintage store - £1 !!
Leggings: Primark
Bag: Fiorelli
Bracelets: Tresor Paris
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Shaddow Studded boots @

Black feathers: Ebay

Sammi, x

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