Monday 29 April 2013


Sammi Jackson - Summer Vibes

Sammi Jackson - Summer Vibes

Sammi Jackson  - Summer Vibes

Sammi Jackson  - Summer Vibes

Sammi Jackson  - Summer Vibes

Sammi Jackson - Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike in Taupe Suede
 I am so in love with my iamVibes white cosmic leotard!
It's unusual for me to wear anything white AND like it! I have a problem with white you see. I think it makes my skin look a funny colour because I'm so pale, white looks better on people with a tan right? Also it makes my hair look a funny yellow / greeny colour due to all the bodge dye jobs haha but most of my natural blonde has pretty much grown out now though so it should be okay
Anyway back to the leotard... I'm so glad I got a size M as it's quite small fitting so a size S wouldn't have fit at all! It's so comfy and the material is quite thick, so you can't see through it despite it being tight and white which is always a good thing! I also love the cute little short sleeves it has on it, most of my other leotards are sleeveless so it makes a lovely change!
The denim vest I'm wearing is from Topshop and I've only worn it once before which is such a waste! I think it goes great with the white, for a sping / summery look, I just need to find some shorts / trousers to wear with it for when I go out, any suggestions?
I'm going to stop talking now so you can get to the good bit, the exclusive interview I did with the director of iamVibes Tom Hardless!
What's the story behind Iamvibes and how did it all begin?

"It all began with a thought that came to me in meditation that I had to put the ancient symbol of the 'Hamsa' out into the consciousness more so than it already was but with my own twist, thus incorporating sacred geometry into the symbol. I actually worked below a t-shirt printing store so I made one up with those guys then a bunch of friends liked the design and said I should make more. So I did and so my journey of pushing the Hamsa into the great consciousness began. I invested my own money I worked for into 25 tshirts, took my time thinking how I want to portray the brand, took some pictures of my beautiful partner, at the time, in my t-shirt and slowly started selling the t-shirts. From here I just took my time building up the rep of the brand and the designs. I have now engaged into a wonderful creative flow of fashion. I'm constantly learning about design and the wonderful and horrible people you can work with. Its a great journey so far and I'm very happy I've taken a thought from my mind and manifested it in a physical 'thing'."

iamVibes LTD Gold Headchain and Silk Scarf / Sarong
What are your passions?
"My main passion is Meditation and connecting with my inner being. This really feeds my creative passions for performing and writing Music as well as designing iamVibes garments. All in all I guess I have a passion to make people happy and bring some light into the World through creativity. Im also very passionate about the new Daft Punk track - Get Lucky - Its so intense."
iamVibes White Cosmic Leotard


What's your favourite piece from your collection and why?

"Thats a tricky one, I love all of the pieces. If I had to choose it would be the SHADOW STUDDED JACKET because it's hand made in the UK and I've got to take another design from my mind and completely create something straight from my mind. I also think it looks pretty slick and fun."

iamVibes Shadow Studded Jacket

Where do you get your inspiration from?

"I get inspiration from every angle and aspect of life. We are given so much to take in and I make sure I am a sponge at all times taking things in but making sure to filter out/ repel any bad vibes. Some people I know have been big inspirations to me in how they dress and even how they have treated me. As humans we react in interesting ways when we fall in love or have our hearts and minds broken or opened and for me this all comes to a positive point where I will create something from the experience."

iamVibes Tie Dye Geometric Vest

Where do you live and has it had an impact of your perception of fashion?

"OH totally! I bounce between city life in London and suburban life out in the country. London is very on the pulse with fashion and everything and everyone is constantly changing in different parts of the city. I don't really find myself stuck in one part of the city, I spend a good amount of time all around it and I guess I take what I like from each part of the city and let it effect me creatively.
Perception is a funny thing because something could be going on in London which is 'hot' but over on the other side of the planet it can be totally different.
I try and look on the bigger scale beyond where I live because different parts of the world are going through different seasons and I want to be able to connect with everything all at once and not chain myself down to one scene or movement. I hope to move around the world working on iamVibes and finding "bases" in different countries so I know whats going on all over the world not just in London. Its important to me to experience and learn of different ways of life/fashion and creativity from all over the world."

iamVibes White Embroidered Pocket Crop Top

Is there anywhere in the world / a city who's fashion you admire?

"LA , London and New York all have great fashion sense in general. Im scoping out Australia at the moment and they seem to have some pretty wild Vibes flying around but it's cool."

iamVibes Black Geometric Hamsa Tee

Do you have a favourite fashion icon or celebrity who's style you admire?
"I dont so much have a Fashion icon because I may see a stranger who will inspire me to wear something or shape a look / design. I've always been intrigued by mister Kanye West, he has a cool aesthetic. Karl Lagerfeld always looks slick. Infact im loving the current DAFT PUNK look that St Laurent have hooked up. Very cool."

iamVibes Cosmic Sweater


How would you describe your personal style?
"Hmmm.... I wear a lot of Black on Black even though I am a very positive person I feel it helps me look slightly smarter because I have long messy hair. Im going to venture out for summer though, might wear some blue or white one day."

iamVibes All Over Print Leggings


What are your favuorite colours?

"Black, gold, silver, white, electric blue, violet, black."
iamVibes Tie Dye Geometric Vest

What type of music do you listen too?

"I listen a lot of music. From Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac to Daft Punk and Azari and III, The Killers, mstrkrft, Cold Play, MUSE, Kanye West, Radiohead, Metallica. I have very open ears and will give anything a listen. Theres a time and place for all type of music." 

iamVibes LTD Gold Headchain

What do you consider to be the most important part of an outfit?

"SHOES! I also work from the bottom up. Love a good pair of shoes. A strong foundation is the key to anything in life."
iamVibes White Geometric Hamsa Tee

What's your favourite fashion accessory?
"A necklace / pendant is always nice to hang around your neck."
iamVibes Custom Vintage Denim Jacket #9

Style or comfort?

"Straight down the middle! Even when I dress up smart I've got to be comfortable on all levels."

iamVibes Black Leotard


Are there any new exiting Iamvibes pieces that we should keep an eye out for?

"OH yes! Hoodies, bomber jackets, pendants and skirts... and maybe a few other secret things..."

iamVibes Silk Scarf / Sarong

What does the future hold for IamVibes?

"The future holds what it needs to hold and shall ride its wave when it comes. Either way the wave will be full of creativity, love and freedom."
iamVibes Black Third Eye Beanie
Wow, such an inspiring person! You can find all of the featured iamVibes products and much more at!

White cosmic leotard: iamVibes - £35.00, find here
Denim vest: Topshop - £42.00
Round reflective sunglasses: Primark - £2.00
Monaco and St Germain bracelets: Tresor Paris @ £149.00 each, find here
Skull knit bracelet: Chicwish - $14.90, find here
Silver spike ring: Oasap - $12.00, find here
Lita Spike in Taupe: Jeffrey Campbell - $169.95

One last thing, you still have time to enter my Empire Apparel giveaway,
see my previous blogpost here for a chance to win!

Sammi, x

Thursday 25 April 2013


Sammi Jackson - Green + Giveaway

Sammi Jackson - Green + Giveaway

Sammi Jackson - Green + Giveaway

Sammi Jackson - Green + Giveaway

Sammi Jackson - Green + Giveaway

Sammi Jackson - Green + Giveaway

Sammi Jackson - Green + Giveaway

Sammi Jackson - Atomic Teal Nike Blazers
Green is my all time favourite colour! My favourite colour to wear is black but that is besides the poingtlol
The shirt I'm wearing here is form Empire Apparel, they do loads of cools tee's & hats so go check them out! I will be including this tee in the giveaway below, but if you're not the lucky winner you can buy one at :)
The glasses I'm wearing were a present off my friend from when she went to Las Vagas! They're awesome right? ;) Also my nails are really shorts and my hands look boney, but my nails are green and glittery so I don't care! ha
I've not done a giveaway for a while, so here you go!
If you win you will get the fabulous Empire Apparel t-shirt I'm wearing here - size S 
All you have to do is...
1. Follow my blog via Bloglovin (here) and also on blogger via Google friends connect
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2. Follow me on instagram @sammi_jackson (here) and also follow @EmpireApparelLtd 
3. Leave a comment below with your e-mail address
The winner was contacted via e-mail.
Herb Wreath T Shirt: Empire Apparel - £14.99, find here
Sunglasses: Gift
Ring: DIY
Shoes: Atomic Teal Nike Blazers - £69.99
Sammi, x

Tuesday 23 April 2013


If you follow my blog you may have seen some of my Lady Gaga costumes? There are quite a few and they're not all on here but as much as I love dressing up as Gaga, it is getting rather predictable and people know who I'm going to be dressing up as.
With this in mind I needed a new costume, so I thought, who looks least like me? I'm a girl so though I'd be a guy and as I'm ridiculosly pale I needed a black dude, I love Lil' Wayne so there we go!
Sammi Jackson - Lil' Wayne Transformation

Sammi Jackson - Lil' Wayne Transformation
Sammi Jackson - Lil' Wayne Transformation
Sammi Jackson - Lil' Wayne Transformation
I obviously couldn't use my normal make up for this haha
I used Snazaroo Classic Colours face paint in shade dark brown for my face. This facepaint is the best around! It's water-based and 100% safe for little kids to use so it's not going to do any harm to even sensitive skin. You use a wet sponge to appy it, and keep building it up untill you achieve your desired colour and coverage. It's rubbed off a little in the pictures, but it does cover brilliantly!
For the tattoos on my face (you can only really see the one on my forehead) I used liquid eyeliner and for thet tattoos on my chest I used an old black eyebrow pencil as it's less harsh. I didn't do many on my chest, most were just squiggly lines :)
I don't have lip piercing so I had to improvise a little. I used the balls of my belly bars, so they're bigger than they should be for lip pierceing, i'm not sure what size they should be but I know they should be smaller :)
I tried to stick them on with eyelash glue but they weren't sticking, so I used superglue in the end haha! They stayed on and as they're not very big and I didn't have to use that much glue, they came off quite easily when I pulled them without damaging my skin. Although be careful with superglue or you might end up sticking your hand to your face and will need it surgically removing haha
You can't be Lil' Wayne without having a good set of grills can you?! I got a top and  bottom set of silver plated swarovski crysal grills off ebay. They come with moulds so you can fit them on your teeth :D
Thankfully Wayne has dreads and wears hats so it was easy for me to cover my hair.
The wig was a Rasta wig off eBay, I cut all the dreads of individually, plaited them a bit then attatched them with hair grips (bobby pins). I used a black bandana to cover up my hairline then put on a hat.

Sammi Jackson - Lil' Wayne Transformation
HAHAHAH stupid face and white hand fail!
I searched for Lil' Wayne's outfits and finally decided to copy the one he wears in his 'Lollipop' music video where he is having a little dance on the top of that HUGE limo truck thing ha
Lil Wayne - Lollipop
Lil Wayne - Lollipop
Lil Wayne - Lollipop
I needed some sunglasses to cover my eyes so I got some like his Ray Ban ones he wears, he has them on in his 'Mirror' music video.
Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars - Mirror

Mens G Star Jeans
For the jeans I used an old pair of mens G Star jeans that I found on Ebay.
Also - don't forget your red scarf hanging out your right pocket, bloods innit (Y)

K Swiss Limited Edition Black and Gold Trainers

K Swiss Limited Edition Black and Gold Trainers

K Swiss Limited Edition Black and Gold Trainers
The last thing I had to think about was what shoes to wear!
I didn't want to wear my black Blazers as I didn't think they'd look right so I used my really old black K Swiss trainers as they looked more manly - These were cool back in the day! lol

Facepaint: Snazaroo Classic Colours in shade Dark Brown 999 - £4.99
Grills: Ebay - Top and bottom set - £60.00
Hat: New Era - Cincinnati Red fitted Cap - £25.00
Dread wig: Ebay £14.99
Red and black bandanas: Ebay @ £2.99 each
Sunglasses: Primark - £2.00
NY chain: Ebay - £2.50
White vest: YMCMB via Ebay
Black shiny coat: Ebay - £2.99
Jeans: G Star via Ebay - £50.00
Trainers: K Swiss Limited Edition

Sammi, x

Monday 22 April 2013


More new things!
I should stop buying clothes as there is NO more room left in my (recently extended) wardrobe AHH JEEZ! :(

Primark Mint Blazer
Primark Green Bralet / Crop Top and Topshop Triangle Necklace
Primark Mirror Reflective Aviator Sunglasses
Primark Aviator Sunglasses
Primark Mirror Reflective Round Sunglasses

Primark Sunglasses

American Apparel Gloria V Cutout Mesh Bodysuit

Primark Silver Collar Tips and Gold Triangle Earrings

Primark Aztec Cutout Double Strap Dress
I only planned on buying some cheap £2.00 sunglasses from Primark but ended up buying all these things, I have NO self control :(
New Buys:
Mint Coloured Blazer: Primark - £19.00
Green Bralet / Crop Top: Primark - £5.00
Triangle Foil Necklace: Topshop - £10.00
Primark Mirror Aviator Sunglasses: Primark - £2.00
Primark Aviator Sunglasses: Primark - £2.00
Primark Mirror Round Sunglasses: Primark - £2.00
Gloria V Cutout Mesh Bodysuit: American Apparel - £40.00
Silver  Detailed Collar Tips: Primark - £2.00
Gold and Black Triangle Earrings: Primark - £2.50
Black and White Aztec Cutout Dress: Primark - £10.00
Sammi, x