Saturday 7 June 2014


The majority of haul posts that I do are Primark hauls but you know, I do love Primark!

First up are these two beautiful dresses! I couldn't decide which colour to get so I got both, they were £12 each so I thought why not?

This blue bag will be perfect for summer, I'm not sure if I will use it that much but it was only £8!

These pretty silky shorts were reduced down from £10 to £5 so I couldn't say no ;)

How nice are these shoes? They come in two colours, black and brown, I thought I'd make a change from all of the black shoes I have and get the brown ones! They're great if you want to wear sandals but don't want to get your toes out, for example, if you're going to work and you need to look smart :)

This necklace was £3 and will go perfectly with some looks I will be doing posts on soon!

I am in love with Primark nails, so I always stock up when i'm in :D

Primark now do workout clothing and I have to say, I am very impressed! The jacket is waterproof but it's so incredibly thin I didn't have much faith in it and the bottoms are also really thin so I though you might be able to see through them. I went on a bike ride in the rain to test them out and I was so impressed! The bottoms fit like a dream and have a really cool back pocket to put your phone in. They are thin but you can't see through them and they're really comfy. Both items kept me dry despite riding for 10 miles in the poring rain! The hood on the coat is quite small but it didn't fall off my head even when I was going fast due to the elasticated edge! The bottoms were £8 and the jacket was £12, they have loads of jazzy pieces from crop tops to joggers, I would definitely recommend  you go take a look :D

Last up are these 3 Breaking Bad t-shirts! They were in the mens section but I only will be wearing them around the house anyway so it doesn't matter that they will be too big. I was so exited, Breaking Bad is my favorite thing to watch at the moment 

Sammi, x

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