Monday 9 June 2014


Apologies for my lack of posts recently, I was busy at Uni all last week doing assessments so I didn't have much free time! :(

Anyway, I had to do a post on my amazing new Unif goodies from Dolls Kills that I received the other day!

First up are these Unif Hangover shorts...

They're supposed to be low rise, but they're not on me. I'm not sure if the size I got is too big or if it's down to my ridiculous short body lol but they come up to my belly button - not that I mind though, I think they look fab like that and my belly is not as thin as this models so it's probably for the best haha!

Next up are these Unif Moody sunglasses...

These are the clear ones but they also come in pink, multi coloured and black!

Last up - The Goner platforms 

I purchased these separately but you can also get them from Dolls Kills so i'll include a link for these too. They are insane, and these are my first pair of Unif shoes! I know, shocking right? I swear I'm going to break my ankle at some point whilst wearing these haha 

Unif pieces:
Hangover shorts: Dolls Kill - $87.00, find here
The moodys Sunglasses: Dolls Kill - $49.00, find here
The Goner Platform: Dolls Kill - $235.00, find here

Sammi, x


  1. I love the glasses so much! Very good choice, the price is cool! I'm going to order them

  2. Gorgeous glasses!!

    Xxx C├ęcile