Sunday 14 April 2013


Sammi Jackson - We All Make Mixtapes

Sammi Jackson - We All Make Mixtapes

Sammi Jackson - We All Make Mixtapes
Sammi Jackson - We All Make Mixtapes
Sammi Jackson - Be&D Gun High Top Sneakers
I'm so excited to share this new look!
Okay, first up - the hat!
My boyfriend has been going on about Crooks and Castles ever since he saw Drake wearing one of their jumpers in his 'Miss Me' music video so I decided to get him a few bits for his birthday. He has a hat obsession at the minute and he mentioned getting some camo Vans so now he can now have a nice matching hat / top / shoes combo haha
I casually borrowed the hat and will be borrowing the top at some point too ;)
Drake wearing a Crooks and Castles gun hands sweater
Second up - my AMAZING jumper!
It's from a clothing line called 304Clothing - if you haven't heard of them you should have!

My boyfriend loved my mixtapes jumper, and as everything 304Clothing sells is unisex, I gave it to him as an extra birthday present haha although to be fair, he does look better in it than me but I'm still going to steal it back every now and again. I love the fact I can share clothes with my boyfriend we're so cool lol :D

I got a Mixtapes jumper and some other awesome tops, all the links to where to buy them are at the bottom of the post :)
304Clothing - Traditionalize Love
304Clothing - Shebelieved
Sammi Jackson - 304Clothing Shebelieved top
Finally I have to share some love for my Be&D gun high tops!
They're pretty cool right? I got them last October but I've only worn them about 3 times due to the weather, it's either been too rainy or cold and I didn't want to ruin their lovely clean, white, box fresh look lol which is weird for me becuase I usually ruin all my shoes within the first few days of having them :/ haha
Sammi Jackson - Be&D gun high tops
 There's more info on these shoes on a previous blogpost I did here if you're interested :)
Also, please check out my Instagram @Sammi_Jackson
Gun fingers snapback: Crooks and Castles - £35.00
Gun fingers camo tee: Crooks and Castles - £20.00
We All Make Mixtapes Sweater: - £35.00, find here
She believed / he lied vest: 304Clothing: £20.00, find here
Traditionalize Love tee: 304Clothing - £18.00, find here
Gun high top sneakers: Be&D - on sale for $99.99 @Solestruck
Sammi, x


  1. wow♥
    totally awesome post:3
    those clothes, ALL OF THEM are so GORGEOUS:D WOW:))
    LOVE IT♥
    and you're really perfectly beautiful:)

    maybe you would want to visit my blog while having some free time?:))

    1. Thank you so much!! I'll check out you blog :) <3

  2. Oh wow so many gorgeous pieces
    S xx

  3. It's such a right choice for you

  4. great style! i love your snapback :)

  5. This post proper cheered me up today, I've been stuck in bed ill all week and thought I'd finally check out your blog as I've known ya on Lb for like a year or summin now. Your blog is actually sick I love all the lil places you get your outfits from there so different. I also love that you and ur bf share your clothes lol my bf is 6ft4 so he cant wear my clothes however I defo nick his jumpers & Tees BF shirts are amazing ain't they!
    Defo following ya blog, <333


    1. This comment has just made my day! :D & haha yeah it is quite cool, BF shirts are definately the best :) Hope you feel better soon! <3

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