Wednesday 17 April 2013


Sammi Jackson - New Pants

Sammi Jackson - New Pants

Here are the 4 new pairs of trousers I have recently purchased so decided to do a little post on them!

Black American Apparel Disco Pants

First up - American Apparel disco pants!
In all fairness, I wouldn't recommend them. I had another pair and the zip burst and for saying how much they cost I don't really think they are worth it sorry :/
The material is thick but you can get cheaper versions which are just as thick. My sister has a cheap pair off ebay that were £14.99 and the material is just as thick, they fit the same and they feel less scratchy as the AA ones :/
Also, when I've had them on a while they seem to chafe on the inside of my thighs, I may not have a 'thigh gap' but i wouldn't say my legs are fat and prone to chaffing so I'm not sure what's going on there? What is this sourcery? :s
Does anybody else have this issue? haha
H&M High Waisted Aztec Pattered Trousers
Secondly - H&M patterend trousers!
These are fabulous! They fit really well, they are high waisted so you can wear them with a nice crop top, they have an inconspicuous side zip, they have this great aztec black and white print and they also come in loads of other colours :D
Oh and did I mention that they only cost £7.99? ;)

Topshop Blue Dandy High Waisted Trousers
Third up - Topshop pattered trousers!
How jazzy are these? Very, i know lol you can also but a matching jacket and go out in a jazzy suit, but i thought that may be a little crazy. You'd get weird looks going out in that in Derby / Nottingham as we're a bit behind the times here, if i lived in London, then yes, yes i would go out in the whole outfit haha

Motel Blue Wet Look Slim Line Pants in Royal Crush
Finally - Motel pants in Royal Crush
I'm saving the best until last HAHAHH GUESS WHAT?
These are on Motel's website for £48, and i got them, brand new with tags for..... £2.60 off ebay WHAYYYYY SUCESS!! (Can you tell I'm feeling rather smug?)
Okay so I saw them on ebay with hardly any bids then realised it was because they were a size M which is like a UK 12. I thought they'd be too big but nope, they fit perfectly! I can see that they'd stretch bigger if needed but they aren't baggy or anything, they''re tight and look great on!
They are thinner than I thought they be though, but you can't see through them, even in bright sunlight so it is alllll good :)
I need these in the dark grey and green colour too, so if anybody is getting rid of any, please let me know :D
Black disco pants: American Apparel - £74.00, find here
Aztec pattern trousers: H&M - £7.99, find here
Blue Dandy trousers: Topshop - £42.00, find here
Slim pants in Royal Crush: Motel - £48.00, find here
Sammi, x


  1. LOVE the topshop and H&M ones so cute
    And you can never go wrong with the disco pants
    S xx

  2. i have the same pants from H&M : ) i want to invite you to see my blog : ) it's new but i'm trying my best

    1. They're great right? No problem i'll check it out! :)

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