Friday, 15 August 2014


I'm pretty annoyed that some of these pictures are slightly out of focus but I got my sister to take them and they're the only ones I have so never mind!

I love this dress, it's probably one of my favourite Choies dresses! I wore this to my Aunts & Uncles wedding the other day. My hair looks quite messy here, but i'm going to blame the sun, hmm

This dress was $53.99 but it's now only $39.99 and there are still some in stock!
The sizes are quite small though, I'm a size UK 8-10 and the M just fits so if in doubt, order up a size!

Lace dress: Choies - $39.99, find here
Vintage bag: Chanel - Thrifted £800.00
Black boots: New Look - £24.99

Sammi, x


  1. Very nice outfit!
    X Dawn //

  2. nice!

  3. Mmm, short skirts and high heels always make me so horny! When I see beautiful girls like you to show off their legs, my cock gets hard as a rock! What did you say, baby ... wedding dress? Are you gonna marry someone? No, you break my hearth now ... I wanna put my cock in every hole of your body, and full up your delicious body with my sperma ... only so I can leave you go to your husband, :)!