Sunday 17 August 2014


Another black look!
I'm looking rather miserable here, purely because the sun had come out and it got really hot, too hot to be wearing a long sleeved, black, velvet dress haha
I do love this dress, it's a fabulous vintage find but unfortunately I think it's a little too short for me, especially with the slits on the side. So, for that reason I'm selling it. I'm also selling some other dresses so go checkout my Depop (username: @Sammi_jackson) if you're interested :)

Floppy hat: Choies - $12.99, find here
Velvet dress: Available on my Depop, find here
The Moodys Sunglasses: Dolls Kill - $49.00, find here
Cross belt: Thrifted + DIY 
Buckle boots: Jolly Chic - $47.99, find here
Vintage bag: Chanel - £800.00 thrifted 

Sammi, x