Wednesday 15 January 2014


Sammi Jackson - Pink Hair
I've been wanting to dye my hair pink for ages but when it came to it, I would always get scared and leave it haha
I manned up yesterday and just did it and I'm so happy I did because I love it :D

Sammi Jackson - Pink Hair

Sammi Jackson - Pink Hair Sammi Jackson - Pink Hair
Here's what I used...

Sammi Jackson - Pink Hair
I've seen a lot of people on Instagram talking about these Bleach London products so I though I'd give them a go. My sister ended up using the Total Bleach to dip dye her hair so I just used the White Toner and the pink dye.
My hair was dark ash blonde before but it was starting to go quite yellow so I used the toner to get rid of it and make it whiter. The toner is great and works really well, I loved the colour it made my hair! When all the my pink has gone I'm going to dye my hair back to ash blonde, use this toner again and also use their silver shampoo and conditioner to keep the yellow at bay!
I would love to stay pink forever but considering I'm studying law, I can't apply for jobs with pink hair. It's considered unprofessional if you wear a navy blue suit instead of black haha so unless I buy a brown wig, it can't stay pink for too long
I mixed the pink dye with conditioner to make it go further and despite the recommended time to leave it on being 20 minutes, I left it on for 1 hour 15 minutes haha
Sammi Jackson - Pink Hair

Sammi Jackson - Pink Hair
It worked on my extensions but my hair was still blonde and it didn't really take the colour, so I had to do it again on my hair. I again mixed it with conditioner and left it on for an hour...

Sammi Jackson - Pink Hair
This time it worked and my hair went the same colour as my extensions, result!
Hair products...

Sammi Jackson - Pink Hair
I usually use my GHD's to curl my hair but the other day I purchased this 'Babyliss Loose Waves Hair Tong' so I decided to use that! It was only £20 from Wilko's and it gets really hot - so hot that it burnt my bed through my heat protection mat :/ It has different settings so you can control the temperature though
Sammi Jackson - Pink Hair
These are my 3 essential hair products!
Extra hold Tresemme hairspray is the best hairspray around, it holds great and I love the smell! Dry shampoo is a life saver, if you haven't got time to wash your hair this is great! It refreshes your hair, smells great and gives your hair volume all at the same time! This one is a special XXL volume one so it should hopefully make your hair even bigger!
Last up is Schwarzkopf Got 2be Powderfull hair volumizing styling powder. My boyfriend introduced me to this believe it or not, and it's awesome! If you put it on before you backcomb your hair, it sticks your hair together and holds it if that makes sense? Warning - you can't get a comb through your hair after this, but it's great for giving your hair volume that lasts!
Bleach London Total Bleach: Boots - £7.00, find here
Bleach London White Toner: Boots - £7.00, find here
Bleach London Rose Pink Dye: Boots - £5.00, find here
Bleach London Silver Shampoo: Boots - £5.00, find here
Bleach London Silver Conditioner: Boots - £5.00, find here
Tresemme Firm Hold Hair Spray: Boots - £5.25, find here
Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo: Boots - £3.99, find here
Schwarzkopf Got2Be Powderful: Boots - £4.07, find here
Babyliss Loose Curl Hair Tong: Wilkinson - £20.00
Hair straighteners: GHD - £150ish
Sammi, x