Wednesday 8 January 2014


I received two beautiful pieces in the mail today from so I just had to share them with you all!

The first piece I want to talk about is this dress!
It's quite a summery looking dress but I think it would look great worn with biker jacket in winter - which is what I will be doing! The material is thicker than I thought it would be and it has long sleeves so I image it would be quite warm
This dress is available for sale on ASOS for £45.00, but if you were to buy it from Choies where mine is from (here), you'd only be paying £13.98 ($22.00)!!
That's what I call a bargain!
The second piece I want to talk about is this shirt!
It's made out of floaty chiffon material but at the same time it seems quite thick as you can't see through it. The buttons are concealed and it has little silver studs on the collar tips which I thought was lovely touch!


Matching my shirt are my new nails! These were the ones that I bought from Primark for only £1!
I really like them, they seem to fit my nails really well and I didn't have to file them to shape first. They aren't long nails which it great because I cannot stand them, they just get in the way and get ripped off at work haha
You get 24 in the pack and some glue (I used my own glue so I don't know how good it is) but overall ,I would definitely recommend them!
Also, I didn't realise I'd put my ring on my wedding finger, I'm not married haha
Bodycon dress with floral print: Choies - $22.99, find here
Blue pattern printed shirt: Choies - $24.00, find here
Fish bone silver ring: Romwe - $5.99, find here
Colour block heels:
Sammi, x 


  1. Your nails are so pretty and I love the second item you got from choies so much! Haven't had a chance to browse their site but definitely doing it now!

  2. So lovely! And your nails are perfect!!