Thursday 11 July 2013


Sammi Jackson - Leopard Print & Studs
Sammi Jackson - Leopard Print & Studs

Sammi Jackson - Leopard Print & Studs

Sammi Jackson - Leopard Print & Studs

Sammi Jackson - Leopard Print & Studs

Sammi Jackson - Leopard Print & Studs

Sammi Jackson - Leopard Print & Studs
This is what I wore the other day when I went out with my family and my boyfriend. It was quite a hot day (can you tell by the leather jacket?) but it was getting late and I thought it would cool down once the sun had gone and we were greeted by my good friend Mr Darkness lol I love night time btw, kind of like a vampire.
Anyway... the shorts are new and I'm so glad I got them! I saw them a while ago but didn't bother getting them as I had just bought a pair of leopard print beach shorts from Primark for £4 so I thought it would be pointless getting these too. I saw them again the other day, and as they were only £12.99, I thought WHY NOT?! I really liked the ones by OneTeaspoon but they were quite expensive and I knew I wouldn't wear them enough to justify how ever much they were lol :)
Okay, now for me to get excited about my shoes!!  
These are my newest set of JC spikes and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!
They're a UK size 6 so are a little big for me but guess what? I don't care as I only paid ..... £36 for them! :O Yes, that's right... £36! They were off Ebay, which may I say is unusual for me as I have a thing about feet. I can't let anyone put their feet in my shoes so buying second hand shoes on ebay would make my skin CRAWL! Apart from my boyfriends shoes, he has really nice feet so I'm okay with it :S Anyway, fortunatley for me, these were brand new so it was okay! They were so cheap as the person selling them described them as "Geffrey" Campbell shoes so obviously they didn't show up on any searches meaning not many bidders! Also, they ended at an awkward time, around 11pm on a weekday so not many people were still up to bid! I nearly had a heart accact during the last minute but I managed to get them! Best feeling ever :D
Leather biker jacket: Miss Selfridge - £52.00
Cream cami vest top: Topshop - £15.00
Leopard print denim shorts: H&M - £12.99
Round sunglasses: Ebay - £12.99
Silver spiked necklace: H&M - £4.99
Silver spiked ring: Oasap - $12.00, find here
Cross belt: DIY - Old belt + cross beads
Chanel bag: Thrifted - £800.00
Damsel Spike: Jeffrey Campbell - £36 on Ebay!! Also find @Solestruck
Sammi, x  


  1. Oh my god your so lucky!!
    Love the 'geoferries'
    S xx

  2. i'm so in love with U! always looks so pretty awesome <3

  3. You look amazing in these photos, you look like Taylor Momson in my opinion! And love the outfit + I'm glad you found these JC's so cheap! I wish it happens to me one day as well :)

    XO Imke

  4. Those JC's are gorgeous!! For only £36 they are a steal! I love your outift here, it's very rock and roll! I've also given your blog a follow, I love reading through all your posts and looking at your wonderful photos! You're so pretty and I love your hair!

  5. *_* Love that bag and the shoes! what a great deal!