Thursday 25 July 2013


H&M Crop & Topshop Denim Shorts
I think i'm going to start doing a big post near the end of every month featuring all the bits I've bought and the blogger bits I've received. It will give me a chance to get all excited about the new things I have and they'll all be in one place with links to where everything is from,
what does everyone think? :) 
First up are all my new buys. Everything I bourght was from one shopping trip as I haven't been down town in agesss! Since I finished Uni I've only been to Nottingham once, I know, shocking right? I am trying to save money though so it's probably for the best haha 
From Topshop I bought some new denim shorts and some of their Joni jeans.

Topshop Denim Shorts

I wanted a pair of denim shorts to wear throughout summer as I don't really have a favourite pair or any that fit come to think of it? I love how these ones are high waisted so they're perfect to wear with crop tops, i'm not slim enough to wear a crop with anything low waisted as my belly is too fat LOL
They're quite stetchy, really comfortable to wear and the colour is perfect for summer :)

Topshop Joni Jeans

Topshop Joni Jeans
More high waisted denim in the form of jeans! I cannot believe how comfortable these are, they're really thin and stretchy so are more like jeggings that actual jeans. Again, they're high waisted and the lack of pockets makes them look like American Apparel Easy Jeans, but they were a lot cheaper ;)
I got some amazing pieces from H&M!

H&M Pineapple Crop & Skirt

H&M Pineapple Crop & Skirt

This pineapple crop and skirt made my day! I got the crop first without reailsing there was a matching skirt so when I found out I was super excited! There is a skirt in the same print as the crop (see below) and made out of the same stretchy material but I didn't look very good in it so I was delighted when i found this shorter version! The material is thicker you see, so it doesn't show up your fat as much, yeah I'm not a size 0, I just wear clothes that compliment my body and make me look thinner than I am, so this skirt is prfecet haha

H&M Pineapple Skirts

H&M Pineapple Dress
They also do a jazzy dress in this print too!

H&M Dress

H&M Pineapple Skirt

H&M Aztec Skirt
As I loved the pineapple skirt so much, I also bought one in this black and white print too as I thought it would be great with purples and light blues for sumer :) Oh, it was only £7.99 too ;)
H&M Leopard Print Denim Shorts
I wore these shorts in one of my recent outfit posts and these are also from H&M, for only £12.99 it would be rude not to :)
American Apparel
I don't really go in AA that often, everything seems a little expensive for what it is but nevertheless, I ended up going in and buying 3 vests. I was only going to get 2 but they had an offer on where if you buy 3, you get 50% off the third one :)
Americaan Apparel Chiffon Cami

Americaan Apparel Chiffon Cami

Americaan Apparel Chiffon Cami
New Look
I went in to buy some plain black boots for work and came across these beauts! They were reduced from £74 down to £25 so I snapped them up! I did like them when they were available in winter but didn't think I'd wear them that much so I didn't get them lol :) They're made from suede so getting them for £25 was a real bargain!
New Look Glitter Chelsea Boots

I always end up in Primark one way or another haha but I only bought some socks and these trackies. They're short crop and were only £5, I might wear them for a sporty kind of look or just around the house to chill in becasue they're really comfy :)

Primark Crop Trackies

Next up are all the fab blogger bits I've recieved!
Pink zebra print crop top!
LovelySally Pink Zebra Print Crop Top

LovelySally Pink Zebra Print Crop Top
This is what I wore in my last outfit post, if you haven't already seen it you can check it out here :)
This crop is amazing, so incredibly comfy and the print is spot on for summer! I again am going to mention the quality of all LovelySally items and that their new collection is AMAZING and defnatly worth checking out :)
Cutout crop and cat tapastry shorts!
DragonBerry Cutout Crop Top & Cat Tapastry Shorts

DragonBerry Cutout Crop Top & Cat Tapastry Shorts

DragonBerry Cutout Crop Top

DragonBerry Cutout Crop Top & Cat Tapastry Shorts

How cute are these shorts? They're high waisted so go perfectly with my cut out crop top that I also received from DragonBerry. They're fully lined and fasten up with a side zip making them really comfy and easy to get on. The crop to fastens up with a large zip at the back and also has a buckle so you can tighten / loosen the bottom strap to ensure a perfect fit! I'd love to finish this look with the cat tapastry Jeffrey Campbell boots but I don't have them :(

Society of Chic
Okay, this is the most beautiful jumpsuit I've ever seen!  
Society of Chic Jewelled Romper

Society of Chic Jewelled Romper

Society of Chic Jewelled Romper
How can anybody not love this? :D
It's seriously the nicest thing i've ever been sent! The whole top half is covered in jewels and they're even more sparkly than they appear in these pictures! The jewels are made out of glass instead of the cheaper plastic ones you get, this is why they sparkle so much :D
I love the fact that it is this gorgeous deep royal blue colour, I wear too much black so it makes a change and makes it a bit more summery!
The bandeau style tops fits beautifully and it comes with straps that you can either use or tuck in. The top half is quite heavy due to all the jewels so the straps come in handy if you're going tg be doing a lot of dancing and don't want it to fall down lol however it does have those sticky gel like strips on it (does that make sence?) those ones that stick to your skin to keep it in place so you don't need the straps, it does stay up without them :)
It's fully lined and the material is quite thick making it very flattering, hinding all your lumpy bumpy bit haha it fastens up with a zip up the back making it easy to get on and off :)
I would 100% reccommend getting this, it's a perfect statement piece that imso'  happy to now have in my wardrobe :D
Society of Chic Hawaiian Jacket
Society of Chic Hawaiian Jacket
I also received this summery, hawaiian printed jacket! It's made out of light material making it perfect for summer :)

Karbie Ben
Weed leg garter!
Karbie Ben Weed Garter
Insanly cool weed leg garter from Karbie Ben! They have other designs and also have the most beautiful flower garlands so it's worth checking them out :)

Last but not least - colourblock heels!

Sleeh Blue Colourblock Heels

Sleeh Orange Colourblock Heels
I love love love these colourblock heels! I loved them so much I got them in two colours, blue and orange! They also do them in a pink and red colour too and would definatly reccomment them as they're so incredibly comfy and  great value for money as they're only $25! For saying they were so cheap I was extremely happy with the quality. The material is really vibrant and will brighten up any outfit, perfect summery heels :D
I also received this beautiful dagger like necklace and cross knuckleduster ring from their jewely collection which was a lovely surprise :D
Wow that was a pretty long post, if you made it this far, congratulation haha
New Buys:
Denim shorts: Topshop - £28.00, find here
Joni jeans: Topshop - £36.00, find here
Pineapple print crop: H&M - £5.99
Pineapple print skirt (long):  H&M - £7.99
Pineapple print skirt: (short): H&M - £7.99
Aztec print skirt: H&M - £7.99
Pineaaple print dress: H&M - £6.99
Yellow printed dress: H&M - £6.99
Denim leopard print shorts: H&M - £12.99
Purple chiffon cami vest: American Apparel - £26.00, find here
Watermelon chiffon cami vest: American Apparel - £26.00, find here
Pink silk cami vest: American Apparel - £26.00, find here
Glittery Chelsea boots: New Look - Reduced to £25.00
Cropped trackies: Primark - £5.00
Blogger bits:
Pink zebra print crop top: LovelySally - £30.00, find here  / (@LovelySallycb on Instagram)
Cutout crop top: DragonBerry - £31.34, find here / (@DragonBerryBoutiques on Instagram)
Cat shorts: DragonBerry - £28.78, find here / (@DragonBerryBoutiques on Instagram)
Jewelled  navy romper: Society of Chic - $88.00, find here / (@SocietyofChic on Instagram
Hawaiian print jacket: Society of Chic - find here / (@SocietyofChic on Instagram)
Weed leg garter: Karbie Ben - $19.99, find here / (@KarbieBen on Instagram)
Blue colourblock heels: Sleeh - $25.90, find here / (@Sleeh_Shoes on Instagram)
Orange colourblock heels: Sleeh - $25.90, find here / (@Sleeh_Shoes on Instagram)
Dagger necklace: Sleeh - $11.00, find here / (@Sleeh_Shoes on Instagram)
Silver cross ring: Sleeh - $9.00, find here / (@Sleeh_Shoes on Instagram)
Sammi, x


  1. Loving all that is pineapple!
    Along with the kimonos
    Such gorgeous pieces
    S xx

  2. I like the jogging bottoms.