Thursday 14 March 2013


Ugg Bailey Button Charms in Harissa (Red)
Okay I couldn't help it...
I'm on my 7th pair of Uggs now, maybe I should stop buying them but I saw these and loved the colour and the cute tassels so thought why not? After all, it has been snowing so I need shoes that keep my feet warm and dry don't I? ;)

This new collection is influenced by the culture of Marrakech hence the warm colours, wooden button and tassels. I got these from Office where they have them in chestnut too but there are more colours, sand and black, on the Ugg site (links at the bottom) :)
Slightly obsessed lol

Bailey button Charms in Harissa (Red) / Chestnut: Office - £180.00, find here
Bailey button Charms in all colours: Ugg UK site - £180.00, find here

Other Featured Uggs:
Short Classic - Chocolte brown - £165
Tall Classic - Baked clay - £200
Tall Bailey Button - Grey - £250
Short Classic - Black - £149
Short Bailey Button - Sand - £165
Short Classic - Coral (Lipstick) - £149

International retailers:

Sammi, x



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