Monday, 18 March 2013


Sammi Jackson - Pray for Paris

Sammi Jackson - Pray for Paris
Sammi Jackson - Pray for Paris

Sammi Jackson - Pray for Paris

Sammi Jackson - Pray for Paris
Sammi Jackson - Pray for Paris
Today's shoot!
The bug necklace I'm wearing is from Pray for Paris and I absolutely love it despite the fact that everybody keeps telling me it's gross - my mum even said that the big cockroach looks like a rat? I'm not sure where she got that from haha! It's such a bold, statement piece and something that you're unlikely to see anywhere else, that's why I love it because it's so unique!
The gorgeous swimsuit I'm wearing is from LovelySally - Italian made, fantastic qualilty and I love it! The material is think unlike cheaper brands, the printing is sharp and highly detailed and also I love the shiny sheen it has to it! I would definatly reccomend checking out  their site (all links are below) :D
Also, I'm quite proud of the rose crown I made!
I love a good DIY project so thought I'd have a go at making one as similar ones I'd seen cost in the region of £30-£40?! Outrageous haha
I used a bunch of flowers from Wilko and an old headband. I cut off the flowers, leaving about 3 inches of the stalk, then used the stalk (which had wire inside) to wrap it around the headband - as simple as that and all for... £2.50 which was the cost of the flowers!
Sammi Jackson - DIY Rose Crown
Bug necklace: Pray for Paris - on sale £20.00
Babilonia swimsuit: LovelySally - £38.08
Red rose crown: DIY - £2.50
Round sunglasses: eBay - £12.99
Silver spiked ring: OASAP -
Skull knit bracelet: Chicwish - $14.90
St Monaco / Germain bracelets: Tresor Paris - £149.00 each
Claw cuff: Oasap - $20.00
Belts: eBay / vintage
Shadow Stud Boots: Jeffrey Campbell - $124.95
Sammi, x


  1. oh my gosh that necklace is incredible! Absolutely amazing!