Tuesday 15 January 2013


Sammi Jackson - Lion

Sammi Jackson - Lion

Sammi Jackson - Lion

Sammi Jackson - Lion
Sammi Jackson - Lion
Todays shoot with my lion swimsuit.
I've seen so many amazing swimsuits around at the moment, I already have a lot of bodysuits / swimsuits but they're all black and not very interesting, so when I saw this one I had to have it! It's not as expensive as other similar ones by Black Milk and LovelySally etc so I wasn't expecting it to be great quality but I was quite surprised. The print is detailed and vibrant, the material is thicker than I expected and it's not see though - despite being stretched. I'm not sure what it will look like when wet but I don't intend to actually use it as a swimsuit so it doesn't matter that much to me haha :)
I was going for an African theme but the headdress is American Indian so it doesn't really make sense... nevertheless the headdress is amazing so i had to wear it. It's hand made and I love all the detailing it has on it. I had some great idea's for the pictures, I wanted to put on a brown wig, have more natural make up, lie on a rock in the middle of a desert while the setting sun cast an orange light but i'm blonde, extremely pale, couldn't look any less like a native Indian and live in the UK... so it didn't really work out. It looked good in my head though haha
Lion swimsuit: Romwe - $40.99 find here
Feather knit bracelet: Chicwish - $16.90 find here
Sammi, x


  1. So fierce the body suits really suits you well, damn such a style like yours is to be loved!!!! <3

    Sure to follow you!!! <3



  2. You look great in that body suit! Love the print xx

  3. Awesome, love the look. Amazing.

  4. I've been craving that swimsuit for AGES!! :) Thanks for giving me the link on where to buy, I might get it!

    1. I love it it's great! :D they're still available to buy :)