Tuesday 8 January 2013


 Sammi Jackson - Heart Studs & Spikes

 Sammi Jackson - Heart Studs & Spikes

Sammi Jackson - Heart Studs & Spikes
My outfit I wore last night :)
I went out for a meal with my boyfriend to our favourite Indian restaurant to celebrate him getting a new job so I thought i'd wear my jazzy bra which i've only worn once before. It's not studded, it's covered in love heart shaped beads which I though was a little differnt and also if it was spiked, I can imagine it snaggig thin tops like mine if worn underneath? Maybe? It's beaded all the way round from the front, round the sides and on the back so I could wear it with tops with low sides / a low back to add a bit of sparkle :)
My shirt was from a sale at Ark and it's one of my favourites despite the fact I have to fully button it up - I have issues with tops that are too high, they make my neck itch haha! My disco pants are from American Apparel, but there seem to be a lot of them around at the moment for a whole lot cheaper which i'm pretty annoyed about as they seem pretty much identical -_- The size was pretty small too, they fit perfecttly on the legs but they're a little tight around the waist - as you can probably tell haha but the next size up were too baggy :( I guess they will strech out though over time :)

I put more picture up on instagram, please check me out here :)
Love heart beaded bra: oasap.com - $30.00, find here
Cut out blouse: Ark - £22.99
Disco pants: American Apparel - £75.00
Bracelets: Tresor Paris - £149.00 each, find here
Bag: Chanel - Thrifted £800.00
Lita Spike boots: Jeffrey Campbell - £189.95 @Solestruck.com
Also check out the gorgeous new dark PINK suede lita spike for $208.00 @Nastygal.com :D
Sammi, x