Tuesday 18 September 2012


The Parka is a winter must have so I went in search of one the other day, here's a lists of the best ones I saw and tried on in town
Parka 1 #
River Island

River Island Parka
This one was my favourite! It's from River Island and has a huge fluffy hood and i loved the grey hoodie like inside. It was really warm but the sizes were really big! I tried a size 6 but it drownd me which was a shame becuase i loved it :(
Parka #2

Topshop Parka
Parka #3
H&M Parka

Parka #4
Warehouse Parka
Parka #5
Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins Parka
 Parka #6

Internacionale Parka
After trawling through town and loosing the will to live... i found this one! It's a childrens size 14-15 years but it fit me and looked the best out of all of the ones i had tried on so i had  to have it :) PLUS, it was only £22.99........ :O
Featured Parka's:
Parka #1: River Island - £95.00, find here
Parka #2: Topshop - £95.00, find here
Parka #3: H&M - £39.99, find here
Parka #4: Warehouse - £90.00, find here
Parka #5: Dorothy Perkins - £59.00, find here
Parka #6: Internacionale - £22.99 find here

Sammi, x