Tuesday, 15 December 2020


Sammi Jackson // Primark Fedora, Zaful Sunglasses, Everything5pounds Tiered Blouse, Primark Necklace, Everything5pounds Quilted Bag, Primark Wet Look Jeans, Primark Heels

Sammi Jackson // Primark Fedora, Zaful Sunglasses, Everything5pounds Tiered Blouse, Primark Necklace, Everything5pounds Quilted Bag, Primark Wet Look Jeans, Primark Heels

Sammi Jackson // Primark Fedora, Zaful Sunglasses, Everything5pounds Tiered Blouse, Primark Necklace, Everything5pounds Quilted Bag, Primark Wet Look Jeans, Primark Heels

Fedora: Primark - £8.00
Sunglasses: Zaful - $7.83, find here
Tiered blouse: Everything5pounds - £5.00, find here
Shiny jeans: ASOS - £30.00, find here 
Quilted bag: Everything5pounds - £5.00, find here
Sandals: Primark - £10.00

Sammi, x


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