Thursday, 15 March 2018


Sammi Jackson - Primark Fedora / Zaful Sunglasses / Tobi Raven Netted Lace Bodycon Dress / OASAP Quilted Flap Bag / Office Chunky Ankle Boots

Today's look features my last dress from - a stunning black netted lace dress with long sleeves.
I probably could have done with the next size up as it's a little tight across the chest so I feel I look too booby in it, but I absolutely love it and it would be perfect for a night out!

If you didn't see my last 2 posts featuring my Tobi dresses, you can see my black mesh dress post here and my lace cutout dress post here


Fedora: Primark - £8.00
Sunglasses: Zaful - $7.83, find here
Lace dress: Tobi - £30, find here
Quilted bagOASAP - $35.00, find here
Chunky boots: Office - £14.99 find here

Sammi, x


  1. Beautiful!!

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