Tuesday 22 March 2016


Sammi Jackson - Lovely Wholesale Lace Up Coords

Sammi Jackson - Lovely Wholesale Lace Up Coords

Sammi Jackson - Trendsgal Lace Up Heels

Sammi Jackson - Trendsgal Lace Up Heels

Sammi Jackson - Trendsgal Lace Up Heels

Sammi Jackson - Trendsgal Lace Up Heels

I look really awkward because it was freezing cold outside, I was trying to think warm thought but it wasn't working - I need to man up haha! 
Anyway... my coords are from Lovely Wholesale and my lace up heels are from Trendsgal!


Lace up coords: Lovely Wholesale - $7.99, find here
Vintage bag: Chanel - Thrifted £800.00
Lace up heels: Trendsgal - $13.00, find here

Sammi, x 


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