Saturday 20 December 2014


Hey guys!

I did a Primark haul on my new YouTube channel the other day but I forgot to actually link it to my blog here because I'm an amateur haha 

Also, the haul posts I used to do at the end of the month will now be done on my YouTube channel instead of just on here on my blog. 

I think that way it will be easier to show you guys all my items but I will be leaving links to the videos here on my blog too so if you're interested in seeing them, you'll be able to find them.

Thank you to everyone who has already subscribed to my channel, I really didn't expect many people to be interested so I'm extremely grateful for all of the lovely comments left on my videos and to everyone who's subscribed!

If you have't already checked out my channel you can do here and I'll have a new video up on Monday!

Sammi, x