Thursday 15 May 2014



I received two beautiful statements necklaces from Apple in Eye jewellery the other day!
The first one is a flower shaped, crystal effect statement necklace. It's made out of plastic beads not actuals crystals, which is great as this means that it's not as heavy as it looks! I love the fact that it is transparent as this means you can wear it with anything, making it very versatile and something that you can wear all year round!
The second necklace I received is this large, Egyptian looking  wide chain necklace. It had black and grey ribbon woven into it and small crystals going around the edge - it looks great with all of my summery clothing but also adds a little jazz to plain black outfits
Crystal flower necklace: Apple In Eye - $16.49, find here
Thick chain necklace: Apple In Eye - $22.48, find here
Sammi, x

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