Friday, 20 December 2013


I just thought I'd do a quick post and show you all the things I received from today!
First up is a lovely multi-coloured jumper!
Second up is this pretty cream shirt with crochet detailed sleeves!
Third up are these denim shorts! I got a size M thinking they would be really small but they do fit to size, so these are a little big for me but they still look great on and the colour means they will go with anything :)
Last up are these boots!
I've wanted these for years but I've not been able to find them anywhere!
They're modelled on the harness boots by Sam Edelman...
...but I've never really liked this pair. I prefer the chunkier look of mine. I love all the harness detailing and they are so comfy - they have furry insides too so they're really warm as well!
Also in my shoebox I received these gel cushions and heel pads - I thought that was a lovely touch! :)
JollyChic bloggermail:
Colourful jumper: Jolly Chic - $17.99, find here
Cream blouse: Jolly Chic - $12.99, find here
Denim shorts: Jolly Chic - $22.99, find here
Chunky boots: Jolly Chic - $47.99, find here
Sammi, x