Friday 22 November 2013



Look what I received in the mail!
As much as I'd love to say it's a Celine bag I can't because it isn't, it's from Perunmall.
Normally, I'd rather poke out an eye than get a fake bag but I've seen a few other bloggers rocking this particular lookalike so that makes it acceptable, right? 
For example...

I love this outfit by Kavita D!
She got hers of ebay and looks amazing here - I love her JC's so much, I need some of those adding to my collection I think haha
I was really surprised at the quality of the bag when I received it, usually bags from China can be a little hit and miss but I would definitely recommend this one! A Celine Trapeze can cost thousands whereas this one is only a mere $60 and they also do it in different colours too so go grab one quick before they all go! :)
Blue batwing handbag: Persunmall - $59.99, find here
Sammi, x


  1. I'm in love with this bag!
    S xx

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