Wednesday 30 October 2013


Winter is fast approaching and I love it! I love Halloween, the chill in the air, bonfire night, the toffee apples, the fireworks, the smell of fireworks and coal fires in the air, that feeling when you're all wrapped up warm whilst it's freezing cold outside, layering clothes, scarves, gloves, hats... I love all the colours of the changing leaves on the trees and how they are reflected this seasons clothing - browns, dark greens, burgundy, black... I love coming home to the smell of a stew cooking for dinner, huge cups of tea by the fire, that crunch you get when you walk on frozen ground early in the morning, snow, snowmen... I could go on all day!

So, as winter is nearly here, here are all my wintery blogger bits I received this month! As usual, the links to everything are at the bottom of the post

First up is this jumper from Choies!
It keeps you so warm it's unbelievable and it's so comfortable, I will definitely be wearing this when the temperature drops :)
AX Paris

Next up is this dress from AX Paris!
I love this dress as it's so versatile, it can be dressed up or down and as it's grey, you can wear it with pretty much anything.

Another grey jumper, this time from Romwe!
It's not quite as thick as the grey Choies jumper, so would could be worn over a shirt for a preppy look
Wholesale 7

Talking of shirts, here is a fab denim one I got from Wholesale 7!
I love wholesale websites as they're so cheap, this shirt was only $8.79 which is what, around £5? Bargain!
I also got this green velvet dress - another bargain at only $4.35!!!! It's so festive looking and would look fab under a leather jacket!

Last up from Wholesale 7 are these cut out heeled boots - how awesome are these? They look like the Alexander Wang Kori Boots but you can get your hands on these for only $14.87. I love the cut out detailing on the heels and they are really comfortable to walk in
Karma Clothing

From Karma Clothing I got this beautiful studded biker jacket! I love biker jackets - this is my 7th one haha I love the studded detailing around the collar and sleeves but what I love the most is how warm it is! It's fully lined with a thick, quilted material in a lovely blue floral print - which I thought was a really nice touch :)
It's fits great as it goes in at the back and the sleeves can be adjusted using the zips :)
I love these shoes so much! I've worn them nearly everyday since they arrived haha!
As I mentioned in my previous outfit post they are really comfortable and I was very surprised at how good they handled the wet weather, I didn't expect them to withstand a thunderstorm which was great :D

Also from Sleeh I got these blue suede flats!
Wow! Vintage
Last up are these sunglasses from WOW! Vintage :D
Blogger bits:
Grey jumper: Choies - $38.99, Find here
Grey dress: AX Paris - £28.00, find here
Grey jumper: Romwe - $31.49, Find here
Denim shirt: Wholesale 7 - $8.97, find here
Green dress: Wholesale 7 - $4.35, find here
Cutout heeled shoes: Wholesale 7 - $14.87, find here
Studded jacket: Karma Clothings - £49.99, find here
Peggy Studded boots: Sleeh shoes - $64.90, find here
Dapne blue shoes: Sleeh shoes - $39.90, find here
Wayfarer sunglasses: WOW! VIntage - $14.00, find here
Sammi, x