Tuesday 24 September 2013


 I had an amazing birthday :D
I was woken up with breakfast in bed and a bunch of flowers (with Chewits in haha) from my boy and then went out to town where I got some birthday treats :)
First up, my boy got me some Topshop Joni jeans!
I already have a blue pair and I love them, they're so comfy! I fell in love with the grey ones but was planning on getting some black American Apparel Easy jeans. I did try them on but I didn't like the fit, they don't have different leg lengths, they just have S, M, L etc. and the leg lengths get longer as the size increases. I tried them on (A size S the same as my AA Disco Pants) but they were TINY around the hips and waist but a little baggy around the ankles. I know they stretch after you've worn them for a bit but they were too small haha anyway, I ended up buying the black Joni jeans and they're fab!

Next up is this statement necklace, guess where it's from? ... Primark! I know right? Amazing! It's one of their 'Limited Edition' ones that are quite expensive (for Primark) and it was £8. I had been searching all day for necklaces but I couldn't find any - they all looked a little cheap and brassy, but then I found this one and I absolutely love it!

I also found this necklace - from Topman! Haha! I don't care if it was from the men's section, I like it :)

Last winter I was searching EVERYWHERE for a black furry hat like this! There were loads of browns one but I was intent on finding a black one, and now I have! It was from Topshop and I can't wait to wear it with red lipstick :)

The last thing I got were these AMAZING boots! Guess where they're from? Go on, guess? ... Primark, again! I love them, which is unusual as I never usually like many Primark shoes! They're so comfortable and easy to walk in too, I'm so happy with them :D
 Later that night me and my family went out for a meal. We went in to our local pub first (where I work) and I got some pressies from my boss and a lovely card signed by some of the locals aww :)

I did take some pictures of our meal but we all look hideous on them so they'll stay on my phone for now haha ;)
Sammi, x

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