Wednesday 26 June 2013


Lola Shouetique 'Girl Power' Holographic Boots

First up are these amazing holographic boots from Lolashoutique!
I love them so much!! A lot of people have said that they are vile, but what do they know? They obviously aren't cool enough to appreciate them right? ;)
They have a zip on the inside to make them easier to get on and they're super comfy!

Chicwish Holographic Snakeskin Clutch + Crystal Sunglasses

Keeping up with the holograohic theme is my new clutch bag from Chicwish!
I've wanted one for a while so fell in love with this one when I saw it; it doesn't look as cheap as some of the other do. I think it will look great with these oversized crystal sunglasses, what do you all think? :)

Chicwish Bracelet Set + Collar Chain + Crystal Sunglasses

Chicwish Bracelet Set + Collar Chain

Also from Chicwish are these bracelets - one multicoloured gem one and one spiked one, and this collar chain with blue sapphire jems! This will definately brighten up any boring shirt!

Represent Clothing Kaleidoscope Vest + Palm Tee

Represent Clothing Kaleidoscope Vest

Represent Clothing Palm Tee

The kalidoscope vest and palm tee are from Represent Clothing! The kaleidoscope vest will go with all my black and brown stuff I usually wear during the winter haha and I am going to cut the palm tee into a vest and pair with light denim for a super summery look!
Represent Clothing Speckled TeeRepresent Clothing Emerald Speckle VestRepresent Clothing Parrot TeeRepresent Clothing Acid TeeRepresent Clothing Golden Kaleidoscope SweaterRepresent Clothing Kaleidoscope Vest
They do awesome unisex tees, vest, jumpers and other items like hats & bags! I love all the different bright prints they do and their speckled vest would be perfect paired with denim shorts for summer, for boths guys and gals!

Saturday School Fresh Prince Vest

This Fresh Print beaut is from Saturday School, how amazing is this right? You know you want one...
Here are 3 new and upcoming brands you should keep an eye out for!!


Betti Z Jewellery

Betti Z Jewellery

Betti Z Jewellery

First up, Betti Z Jewelery! I recieved all these necklaces from them and love them all! They're based in Austrailia but offer free shipping on all onlime orders! I'm from the UK and recieved this parcel within a week, very speedy delivery indeed! They do beautiful and on trend jewelery for every occaison, go check these guys out!


Meow Clothing Acid Trip Tee

Meow Clothing Acid Trip Tee

Meow Clothing Beanie

Second up, Meow Clothing! UK based and if you use the discount code 'SammiJacksonDiscount' you will recieve 10% of your order!
Salvus Clothing

Salvus Clothing

Last up - Salvus clothing, UK based and they will be launching their website early July! Do you want to be one of the first people to own their garms? Go can check them out on Instagram (@SalvasClothing) to keep upto date with what they're doing and be ready for their launch!

Blogger bits:
Girl Power holographic boots: Lola Shoutique - $45.00, find here / (@LolaShoetique on Instagram)
Holographic clutch: Chicwish - $44.90, find here / (@Chicwish on Instagram)
Crystal sunglasses: Chicwish - $23.90, find here / (@Chicwish on Instagram)
Bracelet set: Chicwish - £14.90, find here / (@Chicwish on Instagram)
Collar chain: Chicwish - £12.90, find here /(@Chicwish on Instagram)
Golden kaleidoscope vest: Represent Clothing - £25.00, find here / (@RepresentClo on Instagram)
Palm Tee: Represent Clothing - £30.00, find here / (@RepresentClo on Instagram)
Fresh prince vest: Saturday School - $24.00, find here (@SaturdaySchool on Instagram)
Ruby wing chain: Betti Z - AU$14.95, find here / (@Betti_z on Instagram)
Turquoise tassel chain: Betti Z - AU$15.95, find here / (@Betti_z on Instagram)
Stud plate neclace: Betti Z - AU$16.95, find here / (@Betti_z on Instagram)
Gold net necklace: Betti Z - AU$15.95, find here / (@Betti_z on Instagram)
Gold leaf necklace: Betti Z - AU$17.95, find here / (@Betti_z on Instagram)
Acid trip tee: Meow Clothing - £14.99, find here
Meow beaonie: Meow Clothing - £10.00, find here
Remember to use discount code 'SammiJacksonDiscount' for 10% off :)
Sammi, x


  1. so lovely things! i want them all : )

  2. Anyone that thinks those boots are vile is ridiculous, they are amazing! Everything in this post is amazing actually, very jealous!

    1. Haha thank you! I love them so I don't care :D

    Such cute items
    S xx

  4. Love the holographic clutch, so on trend. And those tees look so cool! Xx

  5. love the shoes !

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  6. I love the iridescent bits and the meow beanie! :)